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Annapurna - Oct 3, 2013 Chain link

Me at the fake tilicho
The austrians israelis and me
Me on the way to upper camp
Me at the thorung la pass sign
Me at the real tilicho lake
Sar and omar
My face looks puffy because I have some of the customary mountain-top chocolate in my mouth.
Cool rock face by chyamche
Big snow covered mountain sticking up behind close green mountains
Funkey skull thing
Bathroom hygiene
Me and the israelis at poonhill
Donkey carrying chickens
The best and only hotel in town
Large trekking group
Bathroom hygiene
Double waterfall
Out of service bridge
White mountain sticking up behind green mountain
Bus goat
Buckwheat harvest
Landslide area
Me above high camp
View from above high camp
Triple waterfall
Prayer wheels on annapurna
Wouldnt you like to know
A glance up on the way to tilicho base camp
Path to tilicho base camp
Rock wall path
High camp the morning i crossed thorung la
Looking back at thorung la
Old fortress at jhong
Not an actual Applebees
Spooky cactus
Bathroom hygiene
Mountain spire
Beautiful rock wall
Upper pisang
Fall colors
One of the larger villages along the trek.
Rocks coming out of the clouds
Wild herd of musk deer
Down the valley from high camp
If you really gotta go when you're crossing Thorung La Pass ...you should probably just hold it.
The other side of thorung la
View from muktinath
Jhong with the mountains behind it
Bathroom hygiene
Dawn at poonhill
Sunrise at poonhill
Me at poonhill
Carved stone
Mountains around tilicho base camp
Snow blowing off the top of a mountain
Yac donalds
Bathroom hygiene
Lots of things plugged into a lightbulb outlet
Poonhill panorama
Poonhill panorama