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Exceptional cuisine

I love to eat and trying new food is definitely a primary component of my trip. I'll try anything that's served to me and I'm always on the lookout for local specialties. But this is not a food blog and I'm not goin to be one of those people that takes a picture of everything I eat. However, every now and then I eat something particularly delicious or crazy and this page is here to document those morsels. Some dishes I ate in many locations but listed the one where it was the best.

Cow brain (crazy)
Eaten in: Bandung, Indonesia
Description: I had it cooked in a curry and it didn't taste too bad but the texture was... unusual

Durian ice cream (crazy)
Eaten in: Bandung, Indonesia
Description: Ice cream that smells like dirty diapers

Jengkol (crazy)
Eaten in: Green Canyon, Indonesia
Description: Didn't taste too bad but it makes you pee funny

Martabak (delicious)
Eaten in: Bali, Indonesia
Description: A thick savory or dessert pancake folded in half with filling in the middle

Sambal Matah (delicious)
Eaten in: Bali, Indonesia
Description: A raw hot relish heavy on the shallots, peppers, lime juice and lemongrass

Sate Rembiga (delicious)
Eaten in: Lombok, Indonesia
Description: Skewered, grilled meat eaten with a special type of sticky rice

Bulayak Satay (delicious)
Eaten in: Lombok, Indonesia
Description: Spicy coconut satay served with uniquely wrapped sticky rice

Plecing Kangkung (delicious)
Eaten in: Lombok, Indonesia
Description: Large water spinach in a fresh chili/tomato sauce

Mie Pangsit (delicious)
Eaten in: Flores, Indonesia
Description: A soup with all kinds of things in it, I'm not really sure what but you can usually doctor it up yourself

Bubur (delicious)
Eaten in: Surabaya, Indonesia
Description: A rice porridge with all kinds of stuff added traditionally eaten for breakfast

Mie goreng tiaw (delicious)
Eaten in: Berastagi, Indonesia
Description: Thick fried rice noodles

Char koay teow (delicious)
Eaten in: Penang, Malaysia
Description: Breakfast noodles

Wan tan mee (delicious)
Eaten in: Penang, Malaysia
Description: A simple noodle dish with fresh dumplings

Chu char (delicious)
Eaten in: Penang, Malaysia
Description: Fried wide rice noodles

Loh bak (delicious)
Eaten in: Penang, Malaysia
Description: Fried minced pork roll

Chicken rice (delicious)
Eaten in: Penang, Malaysia
Description: Boiled chicken with rice made using the chicken stock

Loc Lac (delicious)
Eaten in: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Description: Beef cooked with lime and fresh black pepper

Khmer fried long eggplant (delicious)
Eaten in: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Description: Long eggplant fried and served in a fish, oyster, sugar, peanut sauce

Dessert Roti (delicious)
Eaten in: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Description: A crepe-like flatbread folded with banana, sweetened condensed milk and nutella

Som Tam (delicious)
Eaten in: Koh Chang, Thailand
Description: A fresh and fiery raw green papaya salad

Larb (delicious)
Eaten in: Otres, Cambodia
Description: Ground meat in fresh chili, lime, shallot and fish sauce, served room temperature with toasted rice for texture

Bun Cha Gio (delicious)
Eaten in: Saigon, Vietnam
Description: Cold vermicelli noodles, lettuce, mint, fried spring rolls a delicious sauce and ground peanuts

Dried squid (crazy)
Eaten in: Quang Ngai, Vietnam
Description: Like beef jerky but made from an unseasoned squid

Bun thit nuong (delicious)
Eaten in: Hue, Vietnam
Description: Lettuce, mint, rice vermicelli, grilled meat and peanut sauce

Bugs (delicious) (crazy)
Eaten in: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Description: Stir-fried in a spicy sauce -- goes great with beer

Fertilized duck egg (crazy)
Eaten in: Rach Gia, Vietnam
Description: A duck egg with a small baby duck in it. Mmm, crunchy!

Avocado + Ice/Coconut Cream (delicious)
Eaten in: Da Lat, Vietnam
Description: Avocado puree with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and coconut cream on top

Whole fancy birds (crazy)
Eaten in: Hung Yen, Vietnam
Description: Song birds fresh killed, steamed and served whole

Dak galbi (delicious)
Eaten in: Seoul, South Korea
Description: Diced chicken marinated and stir-fried with cabbage, sweet potatoes, onion and delicious sauce right at your table

Liang mian (delicious)
Eaten in: Taipei, Taiwan
Description: Cold noodles with shredded cucumber and a delicious sesame sauce

Xiaolongbao (delicious)
Eaten in: Nanjing, China
Description: These particular "soup dumplings" are stuffed with pork and steamed on a griddle until the surrounding liquid is gone and the outside is a bit crisp

Buuz (delicious)
Eaten in: Zamiin-Uud, Mongolia
Description: Mongolian dumplings stuffed with grass-fed, free-range beef

Samosa (delicious)
Eaten in: Kathmandu, Nepal
Description: A fried pastry with a perfect cust, stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas

Misal (delicious)
Eaten in: Pune, India
Description: Spicy curry topped with potato-chiwda mix, onions, lemon and cilantro, served with white bread

Chole Bhature (delicious)
Eaten in: Delhi, India
Description: Spicy chick peas and fried bread and some sort of magic