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Yangon - Jan 6, 2013 Chain link

Watermellon sales lady on the circular train
Pushing the physically and socially accepted limit to the amount of avocado you can put on a slice of bread.
Me and a shop keeper in yangon market
One of the many sales-people who boarded the Circular Train in Yangon was selling betel nut which is something that deserves a whole blog post
Myanmar payphone
Dogs sleeping on chairs
The railway was the only place I saw garbage in Yangon but it was everywhere... and sometime on fire
An American I met in Indonesia said he once saw a picture depicting a world traveler and it showed him doing something adventurous and said: this is how my friends and family think I spend most of my time and then showed him waiting for a bus and said: this is how I actually spend most of my time
Smiling kid with makeup on circular train