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Me in the back of a truck hitchhiking in Indonesia

About the author

My name is Beau Danger Lynn-Miller. Yes, my middle name is Danger. I'm old and I'm originally from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. At 24 I retired from professional web development to live my dream of seeing the world. I spent 615 days traveling Asia and the Middle East. My favorite things to do are: learn, travel, things with plants(garden, bonsai etc), cook, play goaltimate, ice skate and play pinball.

I'd rather make the news than read the news and I was never much for going to museums when I could see real life exhibits. I'm easy to please but hard to impress. I'm exceedingly wealthy in the things money can't buy. I'm bad at trivia but full of trivial knowledge. I learn things slowly but master them quickly. I use my turn signal before turning and my casual stroll is a brisk walk. I really like mountains, metadata and fast-moving water. I speak how I write and I take the word "love" very seriously. I enjoy ice cream with cold water on frigid days. I diligently update wikitravel.

About the site

The number one priority of this site is to help my friends and family follow my travels. It also will serve as a valuable memory if I ever settle down. It is my hopes that this site will also be used by people that I meet along my journey to keep in touch with me and by other people to discover how wonderful the world is.

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Commonly asked questions

How do you fund your trip?
From my savings. I went into business early, worked hard, lived cheap and now I travel cheap. I didn't go to college so I have no student loans.

Do you work at all while traveling?
Not really. I put a lot of effort into this site and I still maintain a few old projects. I am working on a large project for my brother, but he's family and I believe in what he's doing.

Do you miss home?
I don't miss home as much as I miss having a home, if that makes any sense. I miss the things associated with a home like cooking, gardening and stable long-term relationships.

Do you miss your family?
Yes. I do my best to keep in touch and for now that's enough.

Do your friends and family support you?
Yes. At the beginning people were a bit unsure but I think that now that they've seen how my trip is going, they're all really supportive and happy for me.

Do you plan to settle back down in Madison?
I do plan to settle down, but not until this trip has run it's course. I long to grow roots again. I'm not sure if I'll come to rest in Madison or elsewhere, but Madison will likely be my first home when I return.

Are you going to get married and have kids?
I currently have no intention of getting married and I intend not to have kids.

What's been your favorite place?
When this trip is over I plan to have a AMA(Q&A) section where I give evasive answers to questions like that.