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Traveling for: On hold
Currently in: Seattle, USA
Next stop: Unknown

Click the table heads to sort the items in my pack. Metric
Item Quantity Weight Added Removed
Keffiyeh 1 6oz
Fork 1 2oz
Mango knife #4 1 2oz
Paperback book 2 70oz
Vegetable peeler 1 1oz
Thermal underwear 2 5oz
Digital Camera #3 1 15oz
Disposable razor 2 1oz
Shaving cream 1 5oz
Jewelers screwdrivers 1 5oz
Athletic shorts 1 8oz
Ear plugs 2 1oz
Universal drain stopper 1 oz
Gloves 1 1oz
Hat 1 1oz
16GB flash drive 1 1oz
Portable speaker #2 1 7oz
Mango knife #3 1 1oz
Ultimate jersey 1 5oz
Hair ties 1 0oz
Medicine 5 5oz
Norwex towel 1 1oz
Waterproof pack cover 1 1oz
Comb 2 0oz
Netbook #2 1 37oz
Ethernet cable 1 1oz
Umbrella 1 6oz
Marker1 2 1oz
Shampoo 1 12oz
Tape 1 2oz
Spoon 2 1oz
Alarm clock 1 1oz
Bandanna 1 1oz
Batteries 2 2oz
Belt 1 5oz
Business cards 1 16oz
Button down shirt 1 7oz
Cell phone 1 4oz
Collapsible drinking vessels 2 1oz
Compass 1 1oz
Condoms2 1 2oz
Cordage 1 1oz
Dental floss3 3 0oz
Deoderant 2 4oz
Documents 1 10oz
Doxycycline 1 5oz
Electric razor4 1 12oz
Exercise band 1 8oz
Head lamp 1 3oz
Headphones 3 1oz
Insect repellent 2 2oz
iPod 1 5oz
Juggling ball 3 1oz
Large zip top plastic bags 4 1oz
Lock picks 1 1oz
Med kit 1 36oz
Money belt 1 2oz
Mosquito net 1 6oz
Notebook 1 12oz
Pants 1 29oz
Passport + vaccine documentation 1 1oz
Playing cards 3 4oz
Power converter 2 7oz
Rain poncho 1 13oz
Rope 1 2oz
Sewing kit 1 0oz
Shoes 1 38oz
Sleeping sack5 1 18oz
Soap 1 9oz
Socks 4 2oz
Solar powered flashlight 1 3oz
Sun screen 4 4oz
Sweater 1 1oz
Swimsuit 1 7oz
T-Shirt 2 5oz
Tooth brush 1 1oz
Toothpaste 1 3oz
Underwear 7 4oz
Waterproof matches 1 0oz
Comic books 1 62oz
Gift shirts 2 8oz
Old iPod 1 4oz
Mango knife 1 2oz
Digital camera 1 14oz
Junk food6 1 38oz
Nalgene 1 7oz
Netbook 1 75oz
Replacement Netbook Hard Drive 1 3oz
Hand bag 1 4oz
Sarong 1 2oz
Batik shirt 2 4oz
32GB Thumb Drive 1 0oz
16GB Flash drive 1 1oz
Novelty glasses 1 1oz
Portable speaker 1 7oz
Mango knife #2 1 2oz
USB universal wall charger 1 2oz
Lock 0 3oz
Straw sun hat 1 1oz
3 way asian outlet splitter 1 1oz
Hand Bag #2 0 6oz
Longyi 0 4oz
Digital camera #2 0 13oz
Day pack 0 7oz
Multi tool 1 3oz
Conditioner 1 10oz
Animal horn 1 3oz
Shorts 1 10oz
Metal water bottle 1 2oz
Ultimate disc 0 6oz

Total weight: 682oz + 84oz for the pack itself which totals 48lbs

1 You really shouldn't hitchhike without one. These have been some of my best investments.

2 Did I really have to mention these? Yes. I know kids and my grandparents read this, but we need to discuss these things. I honestly don't plan to use any of them, but it'd rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them.

3 I can't stress enough the importance of dental floss when you're traveling. You should be flossing regularly anyway. When you're traveling you may get things caught in your teeth that you didn't know existed.

4 Really Beau, an electric razor? Light packer off the beaten path are you? I don't have to take any shaving cream or conditioner, I don't need water to shave and I can go a lot longer between shaving. So there.

5 It's like a sleeping bag made out of a sheet. It's for when you want a sleeping bag but it's too hot.

6 The amount of junk food in my pack fluctuates wildly. I gave away almost all of the initial 5lbs. I try to never be without chocolate.