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Bundi - Jan 23, 2014 Chain link

Joshua surfing on aaron
Elephant with many trunks
Sustain your heritage and feel glorious
Aaron in a stepwell
Brass pots drying  on stairs
Diet cock
Indigo houses of bundi
Bundi palace courtyard
Bundi from the palace
Sad looking monkeys
Bottle in stepwell
Aaron sticking his head out of a old fortress window
Stairway to nowhere
Goofy three stair shot
Serious three stair shot
Palace garden
Palace wall painting
Sole palace guard
Me in fortress window
Lake behind bundi
Bundi road
Look over there
Aaron and joshua on the stairs
Temple in bundi fortress
Bundi as seen from the fortress
Bundi palace
Use me
Me in a stepwell
Exposed stairs
Aaron in stepwell intersection
Aaron sleeping in bundi train station