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Beijing - May 2, 2013 Chain link

It's really cool at night, light up with tons of red lanterns.
Seriously though, they actually have really nice free public toilets all over China.
Famous bridge at summer palace in beijing
People getting off the train after the great wall
What's cool about this bridge is that it's in almost the shape of a perfect half circle and they made all the steps the same width so the height is perfectly variable.
Center of maze at yuanmingyuan park
Summer palace in beijing
Bonsai at beijing botanical garden
Hot pot with evan and amy
Four star rated bathroom
Me and lion statue
Beautiful tree at confucian temple
Statue of confucious
Stone maze at yuanmingyuan park
View from summer palace in beijing
One way
Looking up at summer palace
Top of summer palace in beijing
Lake at summer palace
Help protect the railings
Evan lost in crowd of chinese
Tulips at beijing botanical garden
Bonsai at beijing botanical garden
Cherry trees at beijing botanical garden
Cherry trees at beijing botanical garden
Cherry trees at beijing botanical garden
Statue at lama temple
You gotta have blue hair
Hipsters everywhere
Awesome lobster statues
Pagoda at temple of heaven
Twin pagoas at temple of heaven
Grassy moat at temple of heaven
A step up closer helps keep it cleaner
Food street in beijing
Looking down at the forbidden city from the temple at the top of Jingshan Park
The great wall with not too many people
The great wall with lots of people