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Abandon skyscraper - Jan 25, 2013 Chain link

Stunning view of bangkok from the very top of the top of an abandon skyscraper
Hanging off the to of an abandon skyscraper
Abandon skyscraper in bangkok
Unfinished part of skyscraper
Me on balcony on on middle floor of abandon skyscraper
Bangkok as seen from the top of an abandon skyscraper
Standing on the edge of glory and danger in an abdonon skyscraper
Abandon bathroom
Bridge to cross
Balconys of abandon skyscraper
The fance you have to circumvent to get on the skyscraper
Toilets in abandon parking structure
Pipes in building
Missing section from abandon skyscraper
Unfished balcony of abdandon skyscraper
Rooftop of abandon skyscraper
View of bangkok through wall of skyscraper
Foutyseventh unfished floor of abdonon skyscraper
Bangkok skyscraper better cropped filled