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Thanks Da Lat

This sign was posted outside a rest stop bathroom, it says it all
This sign was posted outside a rest stop bathroom, it says it all

The wine turned out to be awful and the strawberries are inconsistent though I learned many are ripe when still white. While searching for good avocados we wound up with a glass of avocado puree, a scoop of local ice cream and a ladle full of coconut cream. The combination was amazing! I rarely go back to the same place to eat while I'm traveling but T and I are planning to return to that stand again before we leave Da Lat. I bought some avocados and strawberry jam, both of which I plan to eat on the exceptional French bread found in Da Lat. The avocados need a day or two yet before they're ready to eat but that will give me time to think of a new way to pile avocado on bread, which is something I'll need to do, having already redefined the physical and socially acceptable limit in Burma with Brad (see photo gallery for evidence. Note: you have to scroll down a bit, it's on the same line as the Bangkok hitchhiking sign).

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